Welcome to the Discovering the Darling Website…

Did you know that the Darling River is 2,740 kilometres long and is the longest river in Australia? It is the lifeblood of outback New South Wales and is a key part of the Murray-Darling Basin, Australia’s food bowl.

Much of what Australian’s eat, drink and wear each day comes from this highly productive Basin. Unlike many other rivers in the Basin and across Australia, the Darling River flows through an arid region, is highly erratic, complex, experiences booms and busts, floods and droughts.

In some years at Bourke, the equivalent of a Sydney Harbour of water flows past the town in one day, while in other years, the river almost dries up. This website has been developed to provide good information and knowledge to help better understand the past, present and future of the Darling River, its people, the landscape and its economy.

You will discover that the Darling River is a treasure-trove of Aboriginal and European history, contributes to the nation’s wealth, and has a diverse and unique environment.

The website has been compiled by the Murray Darling Environmental Foundation with assistance from community groups, catchment management organisations, scientists, businesses and most importantly, people who live along and care passionately about the Darling.