Lower Murray Darling CMA

The Lower Murray Darling catchment covers an area of 6.3 million hectares, incorporating the entire local government areas of Wentworth Shire Council and Broken Hill City, the majority of the Balranald Shire Council, a section of the Central Darling Shire Council and the southern portion of the Unincorporated Area administered by NSW Department of Lands.

The Lower Murray Darling natural landscapes include rangelands, native vegetation and wetlands.  The catchment provides resources for horticulture, wool & meat production, water storage, mining, eco-tourism, recreational fishing, forestry and nature conservation.

A Catchment of Significance

  • Native vegetation covers 95% of the catchment
  • Private conservation reserves with about 115,000ha reserved in perpetuity
  • Irrigation – approx 25,200ha
  • Floodplain and wetland environments of over 500,000ha
  • Murray River – 598kms
  • Darling River – 530kms
  • Great Darling Anabranch – 460kms
  • Menindee Lakes – 46,300ha with a storage capacity of 1,750,000 megalitres
  • Lake Victoria – 11,300ha with a storage capacity of 677,000 megalitres
  • National Parks/Reserves – Mungo, Mallee Cliffs, Tarawi, Kinchega, Kemendoc, Nearie Lake
  • Willandra Lakes World Heritage area
  • Tribal country of the Barkindji, Mutthi Mutthi, Yitha Yitha, Ngyiampaa and Maraura peoples.