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Kureinji People

The Kureinji People of the Murray/Daring Rivers – Fresh Water People

Like the sleeping of the river snake which lies in the sun warming itself enough to continue its journey of life, so laid sleeping the Kureinji people of the Murray/Darling Rivers.
We have not been sleeping long in comparison to the many years and endless journeys our ancestors took along the Rivers, many generations before us spent life on the banks of the Murray & Darling Rivers but that was then and we acknowledge the ancestors.
That life continues today for the Kureinji people and our connection to the country which has sustained us since the Dreaming…
We the Kureinji people have not left we were just caught sleeping.

The Rivers have guided us on own journeys, given us our Songlines, provided us with food and shelter, allowed us opportunity to make life and continue the cycle. We are as one with the Rivers and at peace with the landscape, we are no more important than the rocks themselves.

Like the snake dreaming we too have awakened and we are warming in the sun, almost ready to embark upon our journey.

The Kureinji people are a kinsmen group who share country with many others.  We are few but we are many and can be found on along the river from Nyah to Perry Sand Hills. These are our songlines.  My fathers songlines where given to him by his grandmother and this was passed down from her grand mother, that is how it works you see!
I am connected to this country by my grand mother; she was born on the river bank just like those before her and just like me.

The Kureinji people are a family and our country is clearly defined, just look at a map – any map (Google) there we are, that is your story.  We look through black fella eyes and sometimes what we see may differ from you but that is because of the human factor and it must be considered.
We all see things through our own eyes but one thing remains constant and that is if we take the black and white out of any picture suddenly the picture becomes clear and full of colour.

It is incredible how much colour there is and we the Kureinji people see a bright, beautiful landscape full of colour especially when it comes to our Rivers, and we are happy to share the picture with all those who care for the Rivers like we do.

We care for the water, we nurture it like we do our children, it is to share but we must all care for the Rivers so they can continue to share with us and for the generations to come.