Pooncarie Mission

The site known as the Old Pooncarie Mission is located eight kilometres west of Pooncarie Township on the Darling River.

The mission site is Western Lands Leasehold and is bounded on the western and southern sides by the Darling River. The property forms part of the Darling River floodplain and is subject to occasional flooding.

The area is covered with an over-storey of native vegetation of riverine woodlands and a highly-modified under-storey and ground layer.

By 1880, almost all the Darling River region was divided up into pastoral holdings and many Aboriginal people provided labour for the landholders.

Following the establishment of the Aboriginal Protection Board in 1833, Aboriginal reserves were developed, including the Pooncarie Mission. The Pooncarie Mission closed in the early 1930s when mission inhabitants were taken to the Menindee Mission.

With the closing of the mission, the land became part of Menincourt Station until February 2001 when the land was acquired by the Indigenous Land Corporation. There is currently a proposal before the Indigenous Land Corporation to enter into an agreement with the Barkandji people for management of the Old Mission land subject to a viable management plan being developed.